ICT60220 – Advanced Diploma of Information Technology



This qualification provides the skills and knowledge required to plan, design, manage, and monitor an enterprise information and communications technology (ICT) network. This course reflects the role of individuals in a variety of information and communications technology (ICT) jobs who have extensive experience in specific technical abilities, as well as managerial business and people management skills and it also includes a high-level ICT technical background with adequate security components and the possibility to specialise in a number of tech areas. 


Employment opportunities

Possible job titles that are relevant to this qualification include:


  • ICT Support Officer
  • Web Developer
  • Computer Network Professional
  • ICT Systems Administrator
  • e-security specialist,
  • ICT security specialist,
  • IT security administrator,
  • IT security analyst,
  • IT security specialist,
  • systems/network administrator,
  • network security analyst,
  • network security specialist,
  • network security administrator,
  • senior network administrator,
  • Systems security analyst.

Learning Periods

Total Duration: 78 Weeks



This is a competency-based course and assessment is undertaken. The assessments may be in a one-on-one environment, or through the completion of set tasks/projects for submission. It is also based on the completion of assignments, practical tests and/or examinations for each subject. We work with you and assist you to demonstrate your competency.



The Certificate qualification and Statement of Attainment granted by ACC will be recognized by other RTOs across Australia under mutual recognition. After successful completion of this course, the student’s path may include the following:

  • Credit transfer to a higher education institution 
  • For students who do not complete the whole qualification, a Statement of Attainment is issued.


There are no prerequisite requirements for individual units of competency. International students must be over eighteen years old and provide evidence to demonstrate both academic and English language entry requirements as follows:

Academic Requirements: Successful completion of Year 12 or equivalent and/or above

English Language Requirements: as follows: IELTS 5.5 or equivalent



Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Students who have completed units of study from nationally recognised courses can apply for Credit Transfer. Those who have existing knowledge from practical experience can apply for RPL. To check eligibility, please discuss with Australian Careers College prior to enrolment.


Learning Periods & Fees

Total Duration: $78 Weeks

Fees: $AU 21,000

Volume of Learning: Diploma qualification: 1.5 – 2 years (1800 – 2400 hrs)

Packaging Rules

Total number of units = 16

6 core units plus

10 elective units, of which:

at least 7 units must be selected from the elective units listed below

up to 3 units may be selected from the remaining listed elective units or from this or any

currently endorsed Training Package or accredited course where the units are packaged in an

Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) Level 5 or 6 qualification.


Units of Competency (Six terms – 1.5 years)

  Unit code and Name Unit type Nominal Hours   ACC Nominal Hours
TERM – 1
BSBXCS402 Promote workplace cyber security awareness and best practices Core 40 60 CREDIT
ICTNWK540 Design, build and test network servers Elective (G- H Network Security) 50 60 CREDIT
ICTNWK559 Install an enterprise virtual computing environment Elective (G- H Network Security) 60 80 CREDIT
        200 Hours  
TERM – 2
ICTNWK541 Configure, verify and troubleshoot WAN links and IP services Elective (G-H Network Security) 90 100 CREDIT
ICTNWK549 Design ICT security frameworks Elective (G-H Network Security) 30 40 CREDIT
ICTNWK552 Install and configure network access storage devices Elective (G-H Network Security) 40 60 CREDIT
        200 Hours  
TERM – 3
BSBCRT611 Apply critical thinking for complex problem solving Core 60 100 NO-CREDIT
BSBTWK502 Manage team effectiveness Core 60 100 NO-CREDIT
        200 Hours  
TERM – 4
ICTICT608 Interact with clients on a business level Core 40 60 NO-CREDIT
ICTICT618 Manage IP, ethics and privacy in ICT environments Core 30 40 NO-CREDIT
ICTTEN615 Manage network traffic Elective (G-G Telecom net) 90 100 NO-CREDIT
        200 Hours  
TERM – 5
ICTSAD609 Plan and monitor business analysis activities in an ICT environment Core 40 40 NO-CREDIT
ICTCYS601 Create cyber security standards for organisations Elective (G-H Cyber Security) 40 40 NO-CREDIT
ICTNWK603 Plan, configure and test advanced internetwork routing solutions Elective (G-H Cyber Security) 120 120 NO-CREDIT
        200 Hours  
TERM – 6
ICTNWK604 Plan and configure advanced internetwork switching solutions Elective (G-H Cyber Security) 120 120 NO-CREDIT
ICTNWK619 Plan, configure and test advanced server-based security Elective (G-H Cyber Security) 80 80 NO-CREDIT
        200 Hours